Street art has surged in popularity over the past decade. Now some cities in the United States compete for recognition as bona fide “street art destinations.” 

 Travel writers and art critics have united recently to make their choices of the best street art locations in America. The national newspaper, USA Today, recently got on board and made a “10 Best Category” for street art

 Here are the Top 6:

Oklahoma City

Yes, the capital of the Sooner State is ranked No. 1 in the nation for street art. The best examples of art can be viewed in the Plaza District and the West Avenue Corridor. The vibrant and colorful urban creations here are truly marvelous to behold. Googling a preview will give you an idea of why this is truly the best street art town in America.

Cincinnati, Ohio

Another unexpected city shows up near the top of the Top 10. Check out the Visionary Reality Threshold at 1005 Walnut Street, Crazy cat Quilt at 1107 Walnut, and Still Life #60 by Tom Wesselman located at 811 Main St. in downtown Cincinnati. Those will get you started.

Richmond, Virginia

This city has more than 50 murals and other street offerings in the downtown area. The locals say that Richmond is a city that “thinks of its streets as murals.” If you visit, you will find out why. The art here is awe-inspiring.

Houston, Texas

 This major Texas city is famous for the Houston Graffiti Building at 1503 Chartres Street. The “Heart-Wall” has received international recognition. Another good choice is the “Houston is Inspired” mural at 313 Travis Street.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Street art in the City of Brotherly Love started as an anti-graffiti program. City officials commissioned top-flight artists to create magnificent murals on buildings and walls. “Philadelphia Muses” by Meg Saligman is a sublime work that must be seen in person to truly appreciate.

Reno, Nevada

This city is known for casinos is among the most artistic urban areas in the world. Murals, sculptures, and other forms of art punctuate the streets of Reno. A stroll through Midtown or downtown will be your ticket for viewing an amazing array of street art and other art forms.