Art may very well be the most subjective field that exists because, of course, every artist, as well as every viewer, is unique. If you present a group of people with one piece of art, every individual will see, process, and interpret it differently. Each member will experience their own personal emotions and reactions towards the work, creating no two descriptions or interpretations that are identical. Every detail, from subject choice to color scheme, can create countless translations among the audience, and these may or may not coincide with the creator’s – which is fine – in fact, freedom of opinion is one of the most cherished elements of art.

With color choice being such a significant factor in painting, it is essential to have your colors organized and paint palettes ready. Some artists, such as Sian Dudley, begin by dividing their colors into separate palettes. She considers all of her paints as her total palette, her favorite colors as her basic palette, and finally, her restricted palette is made up of only the colors selected for the task at hand. You can keep narrowing down your palette until you discover your ideal mix. This tip can make the process a bit less overwhelming.

Learning about color theory and utilizing a color wheel can also be incredibly helpful in familiarizing yourself with concepts such as complementing and contrasting colors, warm and cool tones, how colors relate to each other, and many other factors. And remember that you can blend colors together to create entirely new shades and hues as well. Just be sure to mix enough before you begin – finding the exact shade a second time might be challenging.

Ultimately, trust your inner artist, and do not be afraid to make mistakes. You can always alter your artwork, sometimes even for the better! As for so many aspects of life, the best method to determine the perfect palette for your painting is through intuition and trial and error. The more you paint, practice, and experiment, the easier this process will become, and the more you can continue to hone your skills and flourish as an artist. Learn more about painting, color palettes, artist Sian Dudley, and other art-related topics online!