Challenges with mental health are on the rise in the United Kingdom, with mental ill-health cases higher than cases of cardiovascular disease and cancer. The reason for this recent rise in mental health cases is the fact that the amount of people who have long-term conditions is increasing and the amount of older people who experience a lot of social isolation and physical inactivity is increasing. All this data does is let everyone know just how much of a need there is for more innovative and effective treatments. One of those new treatments that seem to be working is artistry; the arts seem to be very helpful as they create a space of social interaction while also promoting well-being and happiness.

Some people may recognize that they have a certain feeling of joy when they engage in cultural activities like museums, music, theatre, and dance. When people get involved with the arts, it can have a long effect on their health that is both powerful and positive. Practicing artistry can help protect people who have lots of different mental health issues and the arts can also help to provide support for people who need it. There are several ways that people can get involved with the arts to improve their mental health including art and health programs, visual and performing arts, sculpture, traditional craft, text, digital art, dance, literature, film, singing, music, culinary arts, and gardening.

Getting involved with the arts seems to be something that is becoming more and more popular amongst those who are trying to improve their well-being. Those who engage in the arts often realize that artistry provides a way for them to deal with a huge range of psychological distress and mental ill-health conditions. The reason that art therapy works so well is probably because it offers a way for people to get better mentally using their own creativity as they express themselves in a way that doesn’t involve words. Another really great thing about art is the way it gives artists a feeling of having a community. The social aspect of art is especially helpful to those facing mental health issues because isolation was such a big part of the pandemic. and art really gives people a chance to improve their quality of life and overall well-being.