As we move into 2023, we look to the artists of the world to provide us with insight and inspiration for the year ahead. A new wave of emerging artists have stepped onto the scene, bringing with them a fresh perspective. It is through their art that we may come to a greater understanding of our journey over the last few years and look forward with excitement to what is to come. From digital art and NFTs to more traditional mediums, we look forward to the inspiring works of art that new and emerging artists have to offer. These artists are using their voices to tell stories of resilience, joy, and hope and evoke emotion through their awe-inspiring works. Whether through sculpture, digital, painting, or photography, these new and emerging artists are sure to captivate the art world and provide us with a sense of wonder and appreciation.

Ahn Tae Won

Ahn Tae Won, a Seoul-based artist, delves into the relationship between virtual and reality by manipulating the images and memes he finds online. Using a variety of materials and techniques, Won distorts and glitches his art on a three-dimensional scale. He takes advantage of the digital and content-rich nature of the internet to create a commentary on how the current generation processes information through their humor and memes. As we eagerly await Won’s artistry in visualizing the 2023 reality, we can’t help but marvel at his use of digital content.

Emma Stern

Emma Stern, an artist based in New York, creates empowering works with a unique approach to visuals and incredible attention to detail. She utilizes traditional oil-on-canvas techniques to mimic sculptures made with 3D technology. Her captivating pastel artworks are iridescent and blend futuristic and dream-like elements to fabricate her empowering and feminist-inspired creations. Stern’s solo exhibition Booty!, which opened at the Half Gallery in New York City in 2022, highlights her imaginative visuals and meticulous attention to detail. Her bold and feisty representations of strong women are highly visible throughout her works.

Mimosa Echard

Mimosa Echard, a French visual artist, has gained recognition in the art world for her creations that draw from the relationship between living and non-living, as well as human and non-human. Her art often incorporates medicinal plants to form hybrid ecosystems in her installations. Her exhibitions have been featured internationally and always manage to amaze viewers with much admiration.

Sara Sadik

Sara Sadik’s latest installations at the Cr√®vecouer in Paris explore the impacts of marginalizing young people in France. Technology plays a large role in her work, as evidenced by her use of the computer games Grand Theft Auto and Ultimate Vatos to create a sense of watching a video game from behind the scenes. By blending technology with art and futuristic elements, Sadik’s intimate installations bring new life to technology.

Dana-Fiona Armour

German-born artist Dana-Fiona Armour was inspired by the dichotomy of human and non-human existence while studying in Paris. By combining science with art, she brings meaning from a greater level of investigation to her craft. The MC1R Project, her latest work, incorporates gene-editing technology with minimalistic visuals. Other works by Armour have utilized materials like animal bone powder, marble, glass, and more, demonstrating the boundless possibilities of artistic expression.

Frieda Toranzo Jaeger

Frieda Toranzo Jaeger’s paintings have a sculptural quality and evoke a futuristic atmosphere. In her multi-panel works, she creates intricate scenes that almost appear three-dimensional. Her most recent installation, Autonomous Drive, is a series of canvases depicting her imaginative vision of futuristic vehicles and can be seen at MoMA PS1 contemporary art institution in New York City.