People are beginning to rediscover the importance of the Arts. Society is slowly changing from an office work mindset to a creative work mindset. Here are a few things you can do with a fine arts degree, especially if you have created a portfolio of your work.

Work With Your Hands

Some people are skilled at creating visual art with their hands. These skills include art such as paintings and murals or shaped art such as pottery or crochet. Someone with a talent for painting might work as a graphic designer, cartoonist, or web-comic artist. Many potters and crocheters create and sell their products at a local craft show or online through various websites.

Design With Your Mind

Some people have a design talent. Designers create beauty out of colors, shapes, and patterns. Designers create beauty out of colors, shapes, and patterns; whether that includes a quick look or a beautiful house to live in, designers create beauty out of colors, shapes, and patterns. You might become an architect who optimizes buildings for use, an interior designer who arranges a space aesthetically, or a fashion designer who matches the right clothes with the right person.

Show With Your Eyes

Someone with a fine arts degree might have a talent for being behind the camera lens. They see the world and think, “I’d like to capture that before it’s gone.” These people might get jobs as a photographer or a videographer. Since these are two very broad topics, it is important to clarify what photos or videos are being taken. For example, a photographer can work with weddings, family, travel, landscape, or fashion, to name a few. The videographer might capture similar things but focus on a series of frames rather than a single one. Some videographers might also cover television, movies, or other live events.

Despite the stereotype, people who get a fine arts degree will not have to ask patrons what side they would like with their entree. However, it is important to create and maintain a portfolio that shows what you are capable of. A person with a fine arts degree can get a job showing their world through a camera lens, designing the beautiful shapes around them, or creating art with their hands.