According to the Strategic National Arts Alumni Project, statistics indicate that 69% of students who completed an undergraduate degree in art went on to become an intern early in their careers. Statistics also indicate that more than 79% of art interns have at least acquired a bachelor’s degree. More than 10% acquired a master’s degree. Occasionally, high school students or individuals having a GED find an apprenticeship program that accepts individuals having no formal degree.

Becoming an Art Intern

When enrolling in a college art program, students must make a point of carefully choosing a major when desiring to apply for various art internship programs. Before committing to a particular curriculum of study, students must research their program or programs of interest to determine their specific requirements.

In addition to having various educational requirements, some programs want prospective interns to have some type of employment experience that may involve working as a volunteer or as a sales associate in their field of interest.

Getty Marrow Undergraduate Internships

The Getty Foundation in Los Angeles developed the Getty Marrow Undergraduate Internships or GMUI program to provide novice artists with more accessibility, equity and inclusion. Thus, interested individuals have the chance to become a paid intern for 10 weeks at the J. Paul Getty Museum or other local organizations. Prerequisites include having an undergraduate degree.

Souls Grown Deep

Founding president Maxwell L. Anderson established the organization in Atlanta for the benefit of African-American artists. Each year, the foundation chooses three undergraduate students to receive a $10,000 payment while they attend a part-time internship. Internships are provided by institutions with whom the foundation partners, which include The New Orleans Museum of Art and the Philadelphia Museum of Art along with the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

The famous institution offers paid 10-week summer internships to high school and undergraduate students. Students must be in their 10th and 11th year of high school students and reside in Connecticut, New Jersey or New York. Undergraduate students also have the chance to take part in nine or 12-month paid internship programs. The programs are designed to learn more about the arts and the museum.