Are you an artist thinking about selling your work? Most artists hope to see their work in the hands of customers. The idea of having your paintings on strangers’ walls for visitors to admire is tempting.

If you are like most artists, you might wonder if your art is ready to be sold. While every artist wants to sell their work, many struggle with insecurities about their own skill levels. They are unable to convince themselves that their work is ready yet, so they put off this dream until it is forgotten.

Don’t allow your dream of selling art to slip away. Consider these things to determine whether your art is ready.

1- Years of Experience

It can be safe to assume an artist with more experience will have better luck selling their work. This isn’t always the case, but it is a good idea to put sales off if you are a newbie painter. Give yourself time to learn technique and study the shape of the human body. Learn to mix colors and create textures. This will help you feel more confident when you set up your shop.

2- Social Media Following

These days an artist needs a social media presence to draw attention to their work. Without a following, you risk vanishing into the black hole of the Internet. Take some time every day to interact with followers. Update your wall regularly and pique your audience’s interest by posting updates about projects. When you decide to sell your work, these followers will help spread word about your shop.

3- Self-Confidence

It’s important to believe in yourself if you want to sell your work. Every artist struggles with a little voice telling them they aren’t good enough. Once that voice is silenced, you will be able to discern the truth. Do you think you are ready to get your masterpieces out there? Ask your close friends for input so you won’t become paralyzed by your inner critic. Often the only thing stopping you from growing is your fear.