The title, Generation Z, encompasses those who were born between 1997 and 2015. Undefinable in just one word, “eclectic” would be an excellent choice if forced to “label” this particular group. Growing up with access to the internet rather than encyclopedias for school projects, and communicating via texts, emails, and video conferences instead of in-person meetings and regular telephone calls, this generation has known nothing other than a world of instant access, miracle technology, and infinite possibilities.

Unfortunately, along with enhanced capabilities, “Generation Z-ers” have been thrown into a chaotic era overshadowed by an unpredictable economy, volatile society, and dying planet. However, the majority have used these tenuous and unavoidable circumstances, in some form or another, as motivational forces to drive them in their profound purposes, pursuits, and achievements.

Using a variety of mediums, these 10 artists from across the globe represent just a tiny fraction of the countless, brilliant minds and artists that the world has gained with Generation Z.

  1. Beatrice Dahlof, Australian, born in 1998, Melbourne, Australia

Beatrice Dahlof comes from a Polish family and often incorporates her heritage, which is full of story-telling, myths, traditions, and moments of self-reflection, into her illustrations and impressionistic paintings.

  1. Shakil Solanki, South African, born in 1997, Cape Town, South Africa

Honest, tranquil, sometimes painful, and often featuring beautiful blue hues, Shakil Solanki’s paintings and prints are reflective of his South African culture and queer identity. He enjoys creating pieces that are not only representative of himself but also open to interpretation by their viewers.

  1. Cielo Felix-Hernandez, Puerto Rican-American, born in 1998, Puerto Rico

Paintings by Cielo Felix-Hernandez often contain references to the 2000s decade, her feelings of displacement amidst moving from Puerto Rico to Virginia, and, of course, her powerful and vibrant culture.

  1. Mai Ta, Vietnamese, born in 1997, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Although Mai Ta has stated that she considers most, if not all, of her pieces to be self portraits, she is usually more focused on learning the audience’s reactions to her minimal and meditative work.

  1. Omar Gabr, Egyptian, born in 1999, Cairo, Egypt

Omar Gabr bases his work on reality, such as political issues and current events, but often melds it with the absurd. He diversifies his subject matter, utilizes different techniques, experiments with scale and perspective, and infuses humor into his paintings.

  1. David Uzochukwu, Austrian-Nigerian, born in 1998, Innsbruck, Austria
  2. Trenity Thomas, American, born in 1999, New Orleans, Louisiana, the U.S.
  3. Megan Dominescu, Romanian-American, born in 1997, Maastricht, the Netherlands
  4. Signe Ralkov, Danish, born in 1997, Copenhagen, Denmark
  5. Monserrat Palacios, Mexican, born in 1999, Mexico City, Mexico

You can find more information about these artists and countless others online.