You don’t have to be a cultured snob, hold a college art degree, or be required to name the ten greatest Renaissance artists by memory to attend an art auction and have a great time.

An art auction is akin to an exciting sporting event. Even if you are there to observe, watching the battle of the bidding is incredibly entertaining. Of course, the art itself is often intriguing. If you do happen to be planning to bid on something you like, you may have the time of your life!

Be Willing to Enjoy It

The best way to go into an art auction is with an open mind and a willingness to let yourself have fun. Even if art is not your thing, you may find yourself pulled into the array of offerings by talented artists. If he or she is good, the auctioneer will provide fascinating insights about the art, the artist, and the style of each piece.

Don’t Miss the Preview

Before the action begins, auction attendees are invited to examine what is going on in the block. It’s a chance to get a close-up look at the pieces being offered. You may find something you like and be motivated to get in on the actual bidding action. The is the “whetting the appetite” portion of the event.

Nurture Your Curiosity

That means asking questions of the experts on hand. Art appreciation starts with gaining knowledge. Just about everyone who learns the inside details of artwork gains a greater appreciation of why people love art. This may awaken your dormant inner art lover.

Chat with Collectors

People who collect art tend to be fascinating. Striking up a conversation with art collectors is a great way to make a new friend. Some people say they met their future husband or wife while chatting about the art before and after an action event.

Create an Opportunity

Art collecting is not only a stimulating hobby. It becomes an important “side hustle” for some people. What makes an art auction compelling is that it provides an opportunity to buy a piece of art at a low price that can later be sold for a significant mark-up. The call to make money is what motivates many people to attend art auctions.