Oil painting is one of the most celebrated art forms. Painters have shown incredible mastery over the medium, producing landscapes and portraits which remain marvels to us centuries later.

While every artist develops their style, there are oil painting tips that are universal. A common saying is that we must learn the rules to break them; this applies to all art forms.

Whether you’re starting as a painter or need a reminder, here are some essential techniques that will help bring your oil paintings to life.

Learn to Hold the Paintbrush

It’sIt’s important that you learn how to hold the paintbrush. The humble brush decides the outcome of your brushstroke; its angle determines the texture, density, and balance. Take scrap paper and practice brush strokes at different angles; this will help you understand the proper technique.

Invest in Quality Products

Suitable products for oil painting can be pricey. If you are a beginner and doubtful of your skill, you might feel hesitant to spend so much money on a set of paint tubes. However, the fact remains that the quality of your paint and canvas affect the outcome of your piece.

If you have the best paints to mix, your landscape will be more vibrant; if the canvas is sturdy, it can stand up to the long hours of work. Believe in your ability to create beautiful art. Then, you won’t regret buying good products.

Mix With Care

Oil painting involves mixing colors to produce the shade that you need. It’sIt’s a process that can be mastered with time and patience. However, don’t over-mix, and don’t be hasty if you aren’t sure what you are doing. Mixing without care will create a mess, and instead of the colors you’re aiming for, you’ll have a dark blob that can ruin the painting.

Once you finish the painting you’ve spent weeks working on, you’ll find that few things are more satisfying. It might be a while before you’re skilled enough to do this. However, knowing the most important oil painting techniques will help you pick up this new, exciting hobby.